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Common Causes of Water Damage Englewood

There are so many ways in which water damage can affect a building. Your floor could warp when water seeps into areas of your property that it shouldn’t be and creeps into areas where it shouldn’t be. Some beautifully painted walls become discolored as a result of water damage. This increased moisture can also cause mold to form inside the building and vermin infestations as a result of all that moisture inside the building. A building’s foundation can eventually be compromised if water damage is not treated immediately through water damage restoration.

There is also a deceptive cost associated with water damage. Most people would think that an inch or two of water flooding their home or business would not cause any damage. Still, in reality, such a small amount of water may cause damage to such an extent that the repairs or restoration of the damaged property could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Nothing is worse than water damage occurring at any time, which is one of the worst things about it. Water damage can be caused by several factors. Here are some common ones.

Severe weather

There’s always the risk that water damage will strike your property when storms, hurricanes, or other natural disasters occur.

You may lose some rainwater through your roof due to the strong winds and heavy downpours. As a result of severe weather conditions, flash flooding may sometimes occur, especially when your property is in an area that is prone to flooding due to floods.

Gutter clogs

The gutter system on your home should divert rainwater away from the structure. Several things can block gutters over time, including leaves, branches, and other types of debris that can accumulate. Whenever this happens, rainwater cannot go away from your property properly. Instead of flowing away from your property effectively, it will run down the sides of your house, overflowing the edges of your gutters and causing water damage to your property’s ceiling, walls, and floors.

Pipe leaks

The cabinet underneath a loosely-fitting kitchen sink can be damaged by water leaking from a loose pipe. The situation could be even more difficult if a broken pipe is inside the walls. This type of leak can cause severe water damage to the walls, so the entire wall would receive water damage, which will lead to the development of an entire colony of mold in the walls as a consequence of the water damage.

Nothing is more devastating than a leaking plumbing supply line or a drain pipe in the soil beneath your concrete slab that can lead to severe damage. There is a good chance you will have to pay for expensive repairs if this happens to you.

Leak in washer’s water supply line

Water supply lines under constant pressure supply water to your washing machine. If you are using stainless steel braided lines, then there is nothing for you to worry about as they are made from stainless steel. It is possible to have a problem with your washing machine’s supply lines if they are rubber or PVC. If you do not turn off the water source in time, it can quickly wear out and rupture, and if you do not shut off the water in time, your entire laundry room will be flooded within minutes.

Air conditioning condensation

Condensation is produced from the air conditioner’s evaporator coil producing moisture, and condensate drain lines remove this moisture from your property to prevent water from entering your property. The drainage system is designed to work until either the drain pan or the condensate drain line becomes clogged with dust or dirt or until the drain pan is damaged.

When the water cannot escape, it will leak straight into your home from the AC because it cannot get out. The water dripping from your air conditioning unit can damage your floors and walls and even cause the insulation to become soggy because of the water dripping from it.

Drain blocked

For many reasons, your kitchen sink drains, bathroom floor drains, and bathtub drains can get clogged up. Objects such as hair, grease buildup, toiletries, dirt, toys, or other foreign objects could clog drain pipes and prevent them from draining properly. A clogged drain can quickly cause flooding and water damage inside your property if left unattended, and if left unattended, it will eventually lead to flooding and water damage inside.

Sprinklers malfunction

One of the most effective ways to save property and even life is to install an automatic sprinkler system when a fire occurs. There have been incidents over the years when older sprinkler systems have turned on their own without any indication that there is even the slightest indication of a fire, which has been the problem. As you can guess, the water damage that a malfunctioning or accidentally set-off sprinkler system causes can be considerable, especially when computers and other electronic appliances are all over your property.

Water heater leaks

The chances of your old water heater eventually bursting a leak are pretty high, even if it isn’t old. This is also true for water heaters that have not been properly maintained or installed. A leak can occur due to too much pressure in the tank. There is a good chance that your basement will be flooded as soon as a water heater leaks since it’s probably located there.

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