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Prevent Freezing Pipes

How to prevent freezing pipes from causing water damage

If you live in Colorado, you or your neighbors have experienced a pipe bursting because of the extremely cold temperature. However, some of you may not know about the reason. Hence, because of the cold temperature, the pressure inside the pipe increases and cause the bursting of pipes. This is why you should consult a comprehensive company that could provide you with the perfect solution to deal with such problems. 

However, we have specialists to deal with freezing pipes, and our detailed solutions will help sort out your problem. There would be no bursting and freezing of water inside pipes because we use high-quality material compatible with the atmosphere around. 

Moreover, it’s a common misconception that homes or buildings in cold climates are at higher risk. But it’s totally wrong because a hot climate also affects the water pipes and can increase the pressure. If you through cold water on these pipes, it becomes more vulnerable. 

So, you should adopt some practical ways that could help you get rid of this situation. 

Some tips to prevent freezing pipes

Keep the heat on

If you live in cold areas, you must have a heating system where pipes are located. It will help maintain the temperature and prevent you from further loss. In addition, we have some automatic heating systems that turn on sometimes and turn off automatically when the temperature gets normal. Thus, installing a heating system is not a big deal, and we can provide you with a perfect installing line with an automatic system. 

Let the faucet drip slightly. 

If you are afraid of freezing pipes, you can allow the faucet of the pipe to drip gradually. It will allow constant water flow, and there will be no freezing inside the pipes. Hence, we have some solutions for dripping faucets, and a pipe is aligned with a drip that causes the water to flow back into the tank or your main drainage. 

Add extra insulation 

Usually, water damage companies never provide double insulated pies, but we are reliable and trustworthy to detail your needs. We have high-quality double insulated water pipes for cold areas, and it’s the best solution that could help prevent pipe bursting and water inside the pipe will flow constantly. 

Apply heating tape 

There are two types of heating tapes. One automatically turns on when the temperature rises, and the other is not identified for the automatic system. Thus, we can provide you with some comprehensive heating tapes to help you deal with freezing pipes. 

Over to you 

Water damage because of freezing pipes is a common problem in many areas. However, it is restricted to cold areas. Some hot climates also cause water damage and pipe bursting as well. So, you can call us anytime to get detailed water damage services, and we can install an effective system that will serve you for a long without any trouble. In addition, we will maintain the system after installation, and in case of any emergency, we are just a call away. 

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