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Freezing Pipes

Freezing Pipes

Exterior piles and pipes within exterior walls and exposed pipes that run through unheated or uninsulated spaces like attics or basements are familiar high-risk places for freezing. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage and freezing claims account for 29.4 per cent of all homeowner insurance claims in the United States.

However, it would be best if you kept an eye on the freezing indicator and immediately contacted us to get timely help. Then, ifThen, if you have a perfect solution, you can save your family from the water damage and minimize the loss. We have been serving people for many years, and our water damage solutions related to freezing pipes are so comprehensive that nobody will suffer from water emergencies

Signs of frozen pipes 

Lack of running water

You must have check if the water is running in your home or building. If you didn’t open the faucet in the morning, it might lead to gradual freezing inside the pipe. So, it’s essential to open the faucet a bit to allow water to drip. 

Gurgling sounds

If you listen to gurgling sounds by opening the water faucet, it’s an alarming sign that there is ice in the pipe, and you have to come up with a solution immediately. 

Bulging pipes 

You can notice the physical appearance of pipes. If the pipes are bulging, there is ice inside the pipe. Hence, because of ice, water pipes expand and cause high pressure inside the pipe, causing bulging and eventually bursting. 

Condensation and cracks 

If the pipe surface is covered with steam or condensation, it’s a sign of freezing. You can check by opening the faucet of the water pipe. Water will not come out because of the freezing. 

Smelly water 

Sometimes, water becomes smelly because of the freezing of sewerage lines. You can smell the rotten egg smell, and it’s the sign of freezing inside the pipes. 

How to overcome this situation?

As a reliable water damage company, we have some comprehensive solutions to help you deal with such conditions. If you choose us for water pipes installation, we provide high-quality pipes with double insulated walls or heat tape to regulate the temperature. But our services vary according to the location and the atmosphere of the area. 

If you live in a cold atmosphere, we have some detailed solutions with high-quality installing materials. In the case of hot climates, there are other specifications that we watch for the appropriate water damage services. 

There are some preventative measures that you can adopt yourself initially. 

  • You can drain water exterior lines to prevent freezing inside the water pipes. Continuous dripping will allow the continuous flow of water, and the pipeline will have a good amount of water to run and keep the pipeline at normal temperature. 
  • You can install insulated water pipes in your location. We can help you in this situation, and the complete installing procedure will be done to help save you from extensive loss. 
  • You can open the interior doors to heat up the water line areas. Thus, the balanced temperature will help to prevent water freezing in pipes. 

It might be aggravating to deal with frozen pipes. Not only can implementing a few basic practices while using heat sources help you fix your frozen pipe problem, but it will also keep your family safe. Space heaters and other heat sources should never be left alone. Unplug them when you leave the room or go to bed for the night. Also, never allow children or dogs to play in the vicinity.

Do frozen pipes always burst?

It’s a myth about frozen pipes that they always, but it does not happen most of the time. Hence, copper, steel, PVC, PEX, and other plastic pipes are all prone to freezing, with copper most likely to burst. Although PEX, PVC, and other plastics can freeze, they do not always explode.

Moreover, adopting some ways could help you deal with this situation. First, you should install reliable material to save you from water emergencies. 

Over to you 

Freezing pipes are the main reason for water emergencies in many areas. Hence, you can contact us to fix your problems. We have advanced and comprehensive materials to provide the perfect water damage restoration services. Thus, our installation is perfect, and you will not come across freezing pipes anymore.

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